Fuel bowser monitoring & immobiliser

Are you looking to protect your fuel bowser on your site? Monitor and immobilise your fuel bowser with Tracker Team’s specialist fuel bowser monitoring devices.

Tracker Team fuel bowser monitoring devices are the best on the market, designed specially for fuel bowsers.  Our fuel bowser tracking solution is completely flexible and we have a solution for all budgets.

Easily see how much fuel is in the tank at any time. If there is attempt to drain your fuel bowser you will receive an instant notification and phone call from the monitoring station.

Features of our fuel bowser monitoring and immobiliser include:

24/7 monitoring with instant phone call notifications if towed or drain of fuel during day or night

Solar powered solutions with battery back up

Smartphone app & desktop view of location, fuel in tank and view history

Turn off fuel dispense from app on your phone

Unique authorised tag system – without the tag people will not be able to access the fuel

Full reporting of the identification of the people that fill up

24/7 Fuel Tank Monitoring

Our fuel bowser tracking devices actively protects your fuel bowsers from illegal attempts to either drain or tow away. Upon illegal movement detection, the 24/7 Theft Monitoring Centre will instantly notify your company. All people that you permit to use the fuel bower or tank will have their own recognition tag.