Guide to Thatcham Security Categories

You’ve probably heard of Thatcham security devices and Thatcham trackers but may not know exactly what they are. Thatcham is a company that undertakes product research in the automotive industry, with the goal to provide an industry target for security systems.

Thatcham categorises systems into different areas depending on what they do and their fitness for purpose. Understanding this categorisation not only enables you to buy the best device for your needs but also to understand how well your car is being protected. We have shared the categories below and what they each mean to help you get to grips with what they mean.

The Thatcham Categories

The following categories make up the Thatcham overview:

  • Thatcham Category One – this is when a device has both an electronic alarm and an immobiliser as well as ignition and perimeter detector and sensors that can notice movement and glass breaking. When someone tries to access your vehicle, the immobiliser will work to stop at least two operating systems from working.
  • Thatcham Category Two – this category covers immobiliser systems that work to isolate two of your systems to stop it from being stolen.
  • Thatcham Category 2/1 – this category covers a vehicle that was logged as a category 2 but has had a retrospective alarm fitted in order to achieve better security and lower premiums.
  • Thatcham Category 3 – this category covers vehicles that come with a mechanical immobiliser such as a wheel clamp, a lock for the steering wheel or even a chain for a motorbike. To be able to claim against your insurance, you need to ensure that the safety system is in place every time you leave your vehicle.
  • Thatcham Category 4 – this covers locking wheel nuts that are used to protect alloys and show a would-be thief that it would take them too long to steal the vehicle and could result in them being caught easier.
  • Category 5 – this covers Category S5 tracking devices that can offer post-theft tacking as well Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR). These ADR identifiers come in the form of tags that are attached to the owners’ keys and alert them if the car is moved by someone who does not have a tag.
  • Thatcham Category S7 – this category is similar to category 5, however Category S7 Trackers do not provide Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR). The S7 tracker