Protect your fleet with Live View 5G Dash Cams

Are you looking for a dash cam solution that protects your fleet, minimises claims and increases fleet efficiency? Our Live View 5G Dash Cam combines all of the benefits of an advanced fleet telematics device with live video streaming.

Our 5G Dash Cam is suitable for fleets of all sizes – from 2 vehicles to 1,000+. With subscriptions available from just £9.99 per month, we have a solution for every budget.

See live video, playback and track the vehicle all in one easy to use unit

Access real-time visibility of your vehicles remotely 24/7 with live video streaming over the 5G network & the built in telematics. By combining live fleet video with GPS tracking businesses can easily access advanced telematics at an affordable price. You can easily access the video and location information on your phone or computer at any time.

Features of our 5G Live View Dash Cams include:

Superior 5G technology – most companies are only providing 4G dash cams

View all your fleet vehicle video footage & telematics information in one easy-to-use dashboard within the phone and desktop apps

Improve fleet safety & protect your business from false insurance claims

All-in-one telematics and live video streaming device

Driver identification to ensure that only permitted people are driving the vehicle

24/7 vehicle location monitoring

Access vehicle footage, location and driver performance data from one simple-to-use platform

With our industry-leading 5G streaming technology the footage and driver data are instantly available to view in our simple-to-use platform. All of this can be accessed at any time of your phone or computer.

Alongside the benefits of the live streaming of the video over 5G, the device also includes advanced GPS telematics tracking so that you can view your fleet location.

Protect your business and drivers against false insurance claims

Protect your drivers from false claims with video evidence of any incidents that occur. Watch vehicle video footage on your phone or computer at any time – you will know who the driver was, the speed they were going and the precise location of the vehicle at the time.