How Cars Are Stolen

Most keyless cars can be taken within 30 seconds and so can keyed cars.

The devices that thieves use to take the cars (relay boxes) are available for £249 on Amazon next day delivery.

The relay box emulates the car key signal for where the keys are to the car, so in your house, office, restaurant, petrol station, or gym the car key signal is sent to the car, and just like that the doors open and the car starts straight away – ready to be driven away.

We hear these stories every day off new customers of how their previous car was stolen. Paying for fuel and the car drives off as the thief has a relay box in a bag in queue behind him. Customer in a restaurant they watch you sit down wander outside the window and your car is gone..

Long-range relay devices are now in use which makes it easier for the thieves to get in your car.

Keeping your keys in the microwave a faraday bag or a metal box doesn’t work effectively enough – Thieves can code a new key to the vehicle using the OBD diagnostic port which all vehicles have and in 30 seconds the vehicle starts and they have a key to it also.

All these methods above can be combated by fitting an insurance approved tracker with immobilsation from just £549

Can be transferred to your next car and gives you an insurance discount as well as peace of mind.

Why Cars Are Stolen

Cars are worth more in parts now in the UK and Europe than ever before and parts are easily disbursed and not traceable which is ideal for thieves.

Diamond cut alloy wheels and tyres can fetch £2000 to £7000.

NEON/LED lights from £800 £3000 each.

This is apart from door mirrors, bumpers, airbag kits, rear LED lights bumpers body panels, etc all parts that can be removed within an hour…

Stolen cars are often stolen to order to ‘Twin Up’ with bumped cars or change the identity of the stolen car to the accident damaged car that may have been bought from a salvage yard that can now be put back onto the road without any VIC (Vehicle Identity Check) that was previously done with VOSA up to the past few years when this was stopped and then car crime started.

Don’t be a victim of crime secure your vehicle now with a tracker or immobiliser.