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Can a GPS car tracker be blocked?

One of the downsides for anyone who owns a nice car they are proud of is the risk of theft which is why lots of us use GPS trackers – but can a GPS car tracker be blocked?

That means a thief will be able to steal your car and not be found by the police.

Unfortunately, for anyone wanting to know can a car tracker be blocked, the answer is, sadly, yes.

And no – we explain later which type of car tracker you need to avoid being blocked.

Can a car tracker be blocked in the UK?

GPS car trackers have emerged as a powerful tool for deterring theft and helping police recover a stolen vehicle. But since car thieves work hard at tackling new security measures to protect cars means they can also attempt to block a GPS tracker. However most trackers include multi-roaming sims and utilise multiple satellite networks to communicate the location of the vehicle. As a result the trackers are very reliable and able to withstand the majority of attempted interruptions.

What are GPS car trackers?

Before looking at how car thieves block a tracker signal, we need to understand how GPS car trackers work.

  • GPS: These car trackers rely on the Global Positioning System (GPS), a network of satellites orbiting the planet
  • Location: The tracker receives signals from these satellites and calculates its precise location
  • Network: The tracker then transmits this location data to a central monitoring station via the mobile phone network
  • Tracking: You, or a designated monitoring service, can access this data in real-time, pinpointing your car’s location on a map.

How can I tell my tracker signal is being jammed?

There are car trackers available that offer anti-jamming technology but there is an easy way to check yourself.

Open the tracker app on your phone – or use a sat nav app such as Google Maps – and if the app says there is a GPS error, then you should consider that a jamming device is in play.

Why use a car tracker?

If car tracking signals can be blocked, why should car owners bother installing one? They remain a valuable investment because:

Tracking: Even if the signal is temporarily blocked, the tracker may store location data and transmit it later when the signal resumes

Multiple technologies: Advanced trackers may use a combination of GPS, GSM and VHF technologies. Blocking one method might not disable tracking entirely

Tamper alerts: Many trackers notify the monitoring service of tampering attempts, alerting authorities to potential theft

Police recovery: Even if a car is stolen and the tracker is blocked, its presence increases the chances of police recovering the vehicle.

How to boost car tracking security

Here’s how UK drivers can ensure their car trackers remain effective:

Professional installation: Opt for professional installation by a Thatcham-registered fitter. They can discreetly hide the tracker, making it harder to find and tamper with

Choose the right tracker: Consider trackers with anti-jamming features, tamper alerts and backup battery power for added security

Monitor for alerts: Stay vigilant and promptly investigate any alerts received from the tracker monitoring service.

Extra steps car drivers can take

There are some additional security measures that car drivers can take to help boost their car’s security:

  • Secure parking: Park your car in a well-lit, secure location whenever possible. Garages and car parks with CCTV are ideal
  • Steering wheel locks and alarms: You might think steering wheel locks are ‘old school’ but these and a quality car alarm will make your car a less appealing target
  • Classic car considerations: For classic car owners, discreet, wireless trackers with minimal installation disruption are preferable
  • Comprehensive car insurance: Ensure you have comprehensive car insurance with a reputable provider. Some insurers offer discounts for Thatcham-approved trackers.

We have mentioned Thatcham because this a not-for-profit organisation that tests and approves car security products.

Can a car tracker be blocked – the answer

While the possibility of blocking exists, car trackers remain a valuable asset for UK car owners.

Their deterrent effect, combined with real-time tracking capabilities and tamper alerts, significantly increase the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle.

Car thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so using a quality Thatcham-approved tracker with back-up battery supply and a VHF signal is probably the way to go.

Don’t forget too that you’ll need a subscription to a good car tracking service with an app and easy to use platform for real peace of mind.

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