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Do I need a car immobiliser?

You may be forgiven for thinking that since modern vehicles are packed with advanced technology and anti-theft systems, why you might need a car immobiliser.

Don’t forget too that a simple steering wheel lock is cheap and easy to install and will offer some protection, so why should you go to the expense of installing an immobiliser?

However, while steering wheel locks are a good deterrent, car immobilisers provide an extra layer of security that can make a significant difference.

So, if you are a car owner grappling with the question: Do I need a car immobiliser? The answer is not a simple ‘Yes!’ or ‘No!’, but it’s worth understanding this security feature.

Here, we look at the world of car immobilisers, explore their benefits, and analyse if one is right for you.

Understanding car immobilisers

A car immobiliser is an electronic device that acts as a silent guardian, preventing unauthorised engine starts.

It works by interrupting a vital part of the car’s starting system, such as the fuel injection or ignition system.

When the correct key or fob is present, the immobiliser disarms and allows the engine to start.

Without the authorised key, the car remains immobilised – significantly deterring theft.

There are two main types of car immobilisers:

  • Factory-fitted immobilisers: Most cars manufactured after 1998 come equipped with a factory-fitted immobiliser. These systems are usually integrated into the car’s electronics and offer a reliable level of security.
  • Aftermarket immobilisers: If your car lacks a factory-fitted immobiliser, you can have an aftermarket system installed by a qualified professional. These systems offer a wider range of features and functionality compared with factory-fitted options.

Benefits of having a car immobiliser

There are several compelling reasons to consider having a car immobiliser:

  • Deters theft: The primary benefit of an immobiliser is to deter theft. Thieves will usually target vehicles that are easy to steal – a car with an immobiliser presents a big hurdle so they are likely to move on to an easier target
  • Cheaper insurance: Lots of insurance firms will offer a discount for having a quality immobiliser fitted. The exact discount varies depending on the insurance company and your specific policy, but it can offer significant savings in the long run.

Is a factory-fitted immobiliser enough?

It’s a big question since you’ve probably bought a car with an immobiliser fitted – but is it enough?

While factory-fitted immobilisers offer a good level of protection, they may not be foolproof. Here’s why you might consider an upgrade:

  • Evolving technology: As technology advances, so do the methods employed by car thieves. Older immobilisers may be vulnerable to new techniques that exploit weaknesses in the system
  • Limited features: Factory-fitted immobilisers may lack features offered by aftermarket systems, such as remote engine disablement or smartphone integration.

Factors to consider when choosing an immobiliser

If you’re considering installing an aftermarket immobiliser, here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Your car: Ensure the chosen immobiliser – preferably one that is Thatcham-approved – is compatible with your specific model
  • Features: Consider the features that are important to you, such as remote engine disablement, smartphone app integration or siren activation
  • Installation cost: Installation costs for aftermarket immobilisers can vary. Get quotes from reputable installers, such as TrackerTeam to compare pricing.

Why you need an aftermarket car immobiliser

The decision of whether to install a car immobiliser depends on your circumstances.

If you own a newer car with a factory-fitted immobiliser, you may be sufficiently protected.

However, if you own an older car or a high-value vehicle, or simply want an extra layer of security, an aftermarket immobiliser is a worthwhile investment.

Consider the potential benefits: deterring theft, increasing recovery rates and potentially saving money on insurance premiums.

Weigh these against the installation cost and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind gained from knowing your car is more difficult to steal.

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