Insurance Approved Trackers

Installing an insurance approved tracker may be a requirement of your insurer or just a great way to get lower premiums. You’ll likely need to install one if you have a high-value vehicle. And those will need to be approved by Thatcham, the independent testing body for aftermarket vehicles systems. As the industry standard since the 90s, all insurance approved trackers will be Thatcham approved.

At Trackerteam, insurance approved trackers are our standard too. We have a full range of durable trackers available. And we’ll install them too. Our UK-wide network of Thatcham approved engineers will attend your residence or work site to install the insurance approved trackers via magnetic or hardwired means. Need more? We have additional equipment to secure your vehicle including tamper alerts, dash cams and more.

Need help choosing the right insurance approved trackers for your car? Talk to our team. We can help you select the ideal model.

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Tracker Team are specialist installers of insurance approved tracking devices. Our installers are all Thatcham Approved and we provide installation across the UK.

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Why do you need insurance approved trackers?

Thieves up their game every year to keep up with the latest advancements. Now, the targets are keyless or connected vehicles. In this case, they use a relay attack. While two criminals need to work together, this new theft method is effective at duplicating the key fob’s signal at up to 100 meters away. And, since they know many cars have insurance approved trackers, they abandon them a few miles away to see if someone comes to collect them. If not, they are confident there are no insurance approved trackers in that car and they will return to complete the theft. This can impact any car which starts without a key in the ignition. Popular targets are BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, but you may want insurance approved trackers if your car has an infotainment system or keyless entry and these are high-risk features.

What does “Thatcham Approved” mean?

Thatcham is the common name given to the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre (M.I.R.R.C).  In the 1960s, insurance conglomerates set up this non-profit organisation, to define and test aftermarket vehicle security units. That means that all insurance approved trackers have gone through a rigorous testing process at the M.I.R.R.C to become “Thatcham Approved”. During this testing, the organisation is looking for car trackers that instantly alert the owner of a theft action. And they require GPS tracking which is robust and tamper-proof. This allows vehicles fitted with insurance approved trackers to be quickly recovered and assessed. The reason why car trackers are now a standard for high-value vehicles is that they are so effective at preventing asset loss. You could have insurance approved trackers fitted on your fleet or car within days and gain that peace of mind which comes from the enhanced security. These trackers are monitored 24/7 from an independent control point for real-time alerts and location information access which can also include velocity and direction. In the event your vehicle is stolen, recover it quickly via your insurance approved tracker.

Why Choose Tracker Team?

Hassle-Free Installation

Our Tracker Team engineers install your tracker at a time and location to suit you.

24 Hour Monitoring

24/7 365 monitoring available through apps, online and security centres give peace of mind.

Spread Payment Over 4 Months

Easily spread the cost of your tracker over 4 months with Tracker Team 0% interest free credit.

Only Pay £100 Deposit Before Installation

For your peace of mind simply pay a £100 deposit and the remaining amount upon installation.

1 Year Additional Warranty

We’re the only tracker installer to provide 1 year additional warranty on top of your manufacturer warranty. Up to 4 years warranty available.

Thatcham Approved Installers

All of our TASSA approved mobile engineers are CRB checked and Thatcham accredited and cover the whole of the UK.