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Shop our range of Audi trackers. All our trackers are Thatcham Security approved, so you know you can trust in them should the worst happen. When determining which tracker to install, you’ll want to consider the category. Category S5 Audi trackers are ideal for an advanced security installation. However, some insurers require S7 trackers, especially on fleet vehicles worth over £50k or private cars worth more than £70k. It’s a great idea to check with your insurance provider before making your final selection.

We have a range of great brands to choose from including Audi trackers from Vodafone and SmarTrack, to name a few. And all of our Audi trackers are priced inclusive of VAT and fitting costs. Plus, with our 0% finance repayment plans available for four months, you can spread the cost of your new tracker installation. Get in touch with our fitting team today to ensure you’ve selected the perfect Audi tracker for your particular model. We have experience in thousands of Audi installations, so we’re ideally suited to advise you of your security options.

Many of our trackers have advanced features available too. Frequent European travellers may enjoy the Euro cover offered by ScorpionTrack or owners of high-value vehicles might benefit from remote immobilisation, available as an option with SmarTrack. Whatever your requirement, we have an Audi tracker to suit.

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