SmarTrack Trackers

SmarTrack Trackers

SmarTrack offers a range of vehicle trackers that are heavily awarded by the motoring industry despite being a newer brand founded in 2005. They’ve received 21 awards since 2009 and are very desirable for their intuitive features. By combining built-in aerials, GPRS, GPs and GSM; you get precise location and speed information transferred to the Secure Global Telemetrics Control Centre. And that means a greater chance of recovery with these high-quality Thatcham-approved trackers. They’re great for nearly any car, van, cycle or HGV and our service includes full fitting within the UK. Choose from their SmarTrack S5 tracker and the SmarTrack S7 tracker.

Intuitive app

Free with your SmarTrack vehicle tracker is the Global Telemetrics Android/Apple app. It lets you quickly see on a map where your vehicle or vehicles are. Plus, you can draw a geofence around your cars to get a notification if they move outside of that range. Look at detailed journey data including location, ignition status, speed, odometer and battery charge. Choose what notifications you want to receive and manage multiple vehicles from one smart interface. If you like, upgrade to remote immobilisation and turn off your vehicle from anywhere with the touch of a button.

Driver identification (D-ID)

With SmarTrack, your car can identify you using your own mobile phone with D-iD™ by Global Telemetrics. Instead of keeping track of a driver tag gadget, the app advises your system when your phone is in range and allows normal operation. If your car is moved without your phone in range, the Global Telemetrics team will get in touch with you to confirm if this trip is approved. If your phone is dead or you’ve lost your mobile, they’ll alert your alternate contact. This keeps your vehicle secure under nearly all circumstances. D-iD™ by Global Telemetrics is approved by Thatcham as well, for your peace of mind.

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