SmarTrack S5 Tracker Plus iMOB Tracker

£699.00 (inc. VAT) Fully Fitted
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    What’s the ‘Plus’?

    Only tracker on the market at the moment that can immobilise an EV or Hybrid car.

    Why is the S5 iMOB so effective?

    This ‘No Tag, No Start’ vehicle security means that, even if a thief has stolen your key fob, they WILL NOT be able to start your vehicle.

    How does the immobiliser work?

    Prior to the vehicle’s engine engaging, the SmarTrack S5+ iMOB automatically scans to verify that your Bluetooth Driver Detection card is present in the vehicle.

    Without your Driver Detection card present, the vehicle will remain immobilised, preventing the vehicle from being driven by any unauthorised person.

    What if I have forgotten my Driver Card?

    You can override your immobiliser feature any time by calling Smartrack. The next app upgrade will allow you to override the immobilisation directly through your app. This will be quick and easy to do and is totally secure as only people with permission to use the app can do this.

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    Note: Lifetime subscription is available but it is tied to the vehicle so if you change the vehicle the subscription is cancelled – lifetime subscription must be paid on initial order with us and cant be added to 0% finance.

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