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Car tracker for classic cars guide

Owning a vintage vehicle means maintaining and investing in a piece of automotive history – but because it’s often a valuable car it is attractive to thieves. That’s why this car tracker for classic cars guide could prove to be very useful.

For many classic owners, the thought of having their car stolen is an upsetting prospect and there are some easy steps to take to prevent that from happening.

A car tracker adds a layer of security and will help boost the chances of the police finding your treasured motor.

Why use a classic car tracker?

There’s no hiding from the fact that classic cars will be targeted by thieves because they are:

  • Unique: Rarity adds value to a vintage car and buyers are keen to buy – whether it is stolen or not
  • Weak security: The lack of modern security systems makes older cars attractive to thieves
  • Naivety: One issue is that some classic owners will believe that thieves won’t target their car because there are so few around. If there’s a buyer, they will.

If you need more inspiration to fit a tracker, then according to the Daily Telegraph, just 5% of stolen classic cars are returned to their owners.

Issues with adding a classic car tracker

One easy way to boost security is to add a classic car tracker – but that leaves a big issue to resolve: Where will the tracker be placed so it doesn’t spoil the car’s aesthetic?

You will need a discreet tracker and it will also need a power source which can be a problem since older cars might have a different electrical system to that used in modern cars.

You should choose a tracker with a battery or one that has flexible power options.

Don’t forget the tracker will need to be a quality product so choose one that is Thatcham approved.

Thatcham is an organisation that assesses the effectiveness of security products for cars.

Plus, having a Thatcham approved car tracker may lead to an insurance policy discount.

Also, when considering a tracker for your vintage vehicle, remember that they usually have a subscription which may affect your budget limit.

Tips for choosing a classic car tracker

There are some key features to consider when choosing a classic car tracker, and they include:

  • GPS: A tracker with a GPS enables you – and the police – to pinpoint your car’s location using a smartphone app or online platform
  • Geofencing: You can set virtual boundaries around your car’s usual parking locations – and if your car crosses the boundary, you will receive an alert
  • Tow alert: Along with being notified of theft when the car crosses a geofence, you can be alerted if the car does the same but without the engine running – indicating that it is being towed
  • Battery alert: If you install a wireless tracker, you will receive a notification if the battery needs recharging to keep the tracker functioning
  • Text and email alerts: Be notified immediately by text and email to your phone when the tracker detects unusual activity
  • Thatcham approved: As mentioned, Thatcham approval signifies that the tracker meets certain security standards and may be required by your insurer.

Other classic car security measures

While a classic car tracker is a valuable tool, it’s best used alongside other security measures, such as:

  • Classic car insurance: Opt for comprehensive classic car insurance with a reputable provider – some will offer discounts for Thatcham-approved trackers
  • Smart parking: Always park your classic car in a secure garage whenever possible. If using public parking, choose well-lit areas with CCTV cameras

Why a classic car tracker is a good investment

Investing in a car tracker can significantly increase the peace of mind you will enjoy knowing that stealing your pride and joy has been made less attractive.

By considering the unique needs of your vintage motor and choosing a tracker with the right features and installation options, you can safeguard your car.

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