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Ways to keep your car secure

Did you know that a car is stolen every eight minutes in the UK? The DVLA says there were 64,087 cars reported as stolen in 2023 – which means as a car owner, you need to understand the ways to keep your car secure.

While thieves aren’t using a coat hanger to break in anymore, there’s no doubt that car theft is a growing problem. Last year’s figure is 5% higher than in 2022, but there are simple steps to help with car theft prevention.

Most car owners will believe that their vehicle is a technical marvel with impressive security built in, however with thieves ever evolving techniques most vehicles require additional protection.

Which are the most stolen cars in the UK?

It might help to know which are the most stolen cars in the UK as this may point to the ease of stealing a particular car – though there are other reasons for a theft.

They include stealing a vehicle to order, using it to break down for parts and exporting it for an overseas buyer.

The top 10 of most stolen cars is below – is yours listed?

  • Ford Fiesta – 5,976 stolen – though it’s slightly lower than the year before (by three!). The Fiesta has been discontinued but expect to see this popular model in the top 10 list for some time yet.
  • Ford Focus – 2,120
  • VW Golf – 2,038
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class – 1,786. Experts say this model is probably being stolen to order for the parts.
  • Range Rover Sport – 1,631. Another model stolen for its parts – but also for exporting overseas.
  • Range Rover Evoque – 1,489
  • BMW 3 Series – 1,466
  • Vauxhall Corsa – 1,110
  • Vauxhall Astra – 1,086
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport – 954.

Thieves are also increasingly stealing electric cars, though in much smaller numbers. If you own a Kia Nero or Hyundai Ioniq, yours is becoming a popular choice.

Perhaps Tesla might be worth considering since just 29 were stolen in 2023.

How do thieves steal a car?

Knowing how a thief can steal your car will help raise awareness of what you need to do to prevent theft from happening.

As mentioned above, thieves don’t use coat hangers, crowbars or screwdrivers to break into your car anymore, they use technology.

  • Picking the lock: There’s a device used by locksmiths legally called a turbo decoder – and it’s freely available online.
  • Hacking the fob: Intercepting or copying the code for a fob is a popular ploy. Leave your fob by the front door? A thief can use a relay to boost the signal to reach the car and unlock the doors. Be aware too that if you are out shopping, for instance, a thief just needs to stand close for long enough to copy the fob’s signal and steal your car. You can buy a RFID-blocking pouch to store the fob and kill the signal.

How to keep your car secure

While many of us are understandably concerned about rising car theft, there are steps you can take that will keep your vehicle from becoming a theft statistic.

  • Smart parking: Use a garage or secure parking for the best protection. Or choose well-lit areas at night, especially with CCTV. Don’t hide your car from view and park close to other cars which might offer a more tempting target.
  • Think security: Never leave valuables on show – always put them in the boot. Always check your doors have been locked after parking. Ensure your windows have been etched with your vehicle identification number (VIN) to make it harder to sell your car.
  • Extra security: You can add extra security such as an immobiliser that will protect your vehicle from key cloning and key theft.
  • Tracking: A popular choice for classic and expensive cars is to add a tracking device. You’ll need a professional fitting and a subscription, but police will be able to track its signal and recover your car.

To help boost your vehicle security, you should:

  • Update the software: Cars have complex software programs that need to be up to date. Some cars will do this ‘over the air’ or you might need to visit a dealer.
  • Key copying: Only use a reputable supplier if you need a key copied.

Car theft prevention is important

Knowing and being alert to the potential threats from thieves will help prevent your car from being stolen but it is worth considering immobilisers as well as ensuring that you are protected in the case of theft by a car tracker.

Since 176 cars are stolen every day, don’t think that even if you don’t drive a nice car, thieves won’t make the effort to steal it.

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