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How to protect your Range Rover from theft

Car thefts in the UK are increasing and the much sought-after marque Range Rover is being targeted by organised crime gangs.

Crime stats for last year place the Range Rover Evoque in seventh place with 964 thefts – the Ford Fiesta is in the top spot with 6,015 thefts.

Car crime figures show that 128,000 motors were stolen in the financial year 2022/23 – that’s up 19% on the year before. But compared with 2016’s figure, it’s a 2% drop.

The rise in car theft, and the targeting of Range Rovers, coincides with a surge in keyless car thefts – a technique increasingly favoured by car thieves.

For Range Rover owners, this crime trend translates as a double blow – not only are they a top target for car thieves, but they are seeing a big rise in their insurance premiums.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to protect your Range Rover from thieves in the UK.

Factory security systems

Modern Range Rovers come equipped with a suite of security features designed to deter and delay theft attempts. These include:

  • Thatcham-approved alarm systems: These advanced alarms emit a loud audible warning and can trigger engine immobilisation if unauthorised entry is detected. Ensure your system is Thatcham-approved, as many insurers offer discounts for vehicles with this certification
  • Perimeter security: Sensors monitor the doors, bonnet and boot for unauthorised opening, triggering the alarm in case of a break-in
  • Immobilisers: These electronic systems prevent the engine from starting without the correct key fob.

While factory systems provide a good foundation for car security, consider these extra measures to further deter thieves:

  • Ghost immobiliser: This aftermarket system adds a hidden layer of security by preventing the engine from starting even if the thieves bypass the factory immobiliser
  • Steering wheel or gear lock: These visible deterrents make it more difficult and time-consuming for thieves to steal your vehicle
  • Tracking devices: Fitted with a Thatcham-approved tracking device, your stolen Range Rover’s location can be traced by the police, increasing the chances of recovery.

Why fit a tracker to a Range Rover?

Vehicle trackers are a powerful tool in the fight against car theft, and for a valuable car like a Range Rover, they can be an essential line of defence.

There are two main types of Range Rover trackers:

  • Thatcham-approved trackers: Thatcham is an organisation dedicated to assessing the quality of car security measures and these are the gold standard for vehicle tracking. They offer the highest level of security and recovery potential.

Thatcham-approved trackers often benefit from:

  • Dual SIM connectivity: This ensures uninterrupted tracking even if one mobile phone network goes down
  • Battery backup: The tracker has a separate battery that continues to function even if the main car battery is disconnected
  • Police liaison: In the event of theft, the tracker company directly liaises with the police to help with vehicle recovery.

There are also standard trackers and while not Thatcham-approved, they offer an affordable option and still provide real-time location tracking. However, they may lack features like dual SIM connectivity or battery backup, potentially impacting recovery efforts.

The benefits of fitting a tracker on your Range Rover

  • Increased recovery rate: With real-time location updates, the police can quickly locate your stolen vehicle, significantly increasing the chances of a successful recovery
  • Deterrent for thieves: Knowing your Range Rover is equipped with a tracker can deter thieves in the first place
  • Insurance discounts: Many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums for vehicles fitted with Thatcham-approved trackers.

Things to consider when fitting a tracker:

  • Professional installation: For optimal functionality and to avoid tampering with your car’s electrical system, opt for professional installation by a Thatcham-approved fitter
  • Subscription fees: Most trackers require a monthly subscription fee for mobile phone network access and the use of the tracking software
  • Legal considerations: Check the law, especially if you plan to use it to track someone else’s car without their consent.

Smart habits for everyday car security

While technology helps to protect your car, there are simple yet effective practices that can significantly reduce theft risk:

  • Parking wisely: Park your Range Rover in well-lit, populated areas with CCTV coverage whenever possible
  • Double-check locking: Always double-check that you’ve locked your vehicle using the key fob, not just the door handle
  • Never leave valuables on display: Thieves are often opportunists. Leaving valuables like bags or laptops visible can tempt them to break in.

Prevent keyless entry and relay attacks

Modern Range Rovers utilise keyless entry systems for convenience.

However, these systems can be vulnerable to relay attacks where thieves amplify the key fob signal to unlock the vehicle from a distance. Here’s how to protect against this risk:

  • Faraday cage pouch: Invest in a Faraday cage pouch to store your key fob when not in use. This blocks the signal, preventing relay attacks. Outlets such as Halfords have a good range
  • Disable keyless entry: Some Range Rover models allow you to temporarily disable the keyless entry function when parked at home.

Many Range Rovers come with the InControl Remote app. This app allows you to:

  • Remotely lock and unlock your vehicle: This eliminates the risk of accidentally leaving your car unlocked
  • Receive alerts: Get notified if your vehicle is tampered with or moved without authorisation
  • Guardian mode: This advanced feature provides real-time location tracking and alerts you if someone attempts to tow your vehicle.

Protecting your Range Rover from theft

By combining factory security with additional deterrents, smart parking habits and vigilance against keyless entry vulnerabilities, you can significantly reduce the risk of your Range Rover becoming a target for theft.

And don’t forget that fitting a tracker on your Range Rover adds a powerful layer of security to your existing measures.

By providing real-time location data and deterring thieves, trackers increase the chances of recovering your stolen vehicle. And you could benefit from lower insurance premiums.

Remember, professional installation and Thatcham-approval are key considerations when choosing a tracker for your prized vehicle – with the right combination of security measures, you can enjoy your Range Rover with greater peace of mind.

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