Range Rover Trackers

Shop our range of insurance approved Range Rover trackers. Buy with confidence from established brands like Trackstar and SmarTrack. All our Range Rover trackers come with a minimum 3-year warranty with some models upgraded to an exclusive 4-year plan, only with Tracker Team. If you’re uncertain what category of tracker you require, speak to our helpful team. If your private vehicle is worth more than £70k or £50k for fleet, you’re likely to need a Cat S7 tracker to comply with your insurer’s requirements. Even if it’s not required by your insurance, a Category S5 tracker can provide a further, enhanced level of security for your Range Rover.

We’ve installed Range Rover trackers all over the country. So our team is well suited to advise on the many features available across our carried brands. Frequent travellers to European countries may want European coverage as standard, as offered by ScorpionTrack. Those living in high-crime areas may want the option to add remote immobilisation, like that provided by SmarTrack. Or you may be interested in installing a tracker that’s endorsed by all UK police authorities, like with the Trackstar S7 TM740. Regardless of your requirements, our trackers are all priced inclusive of VAT and all fitting costs.

View our range of Range Rover trackers below:

SmarTrack S5 Tracker With D-ID

Category S5, Thatcham Approved
ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) As Standard
Bluetooth ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) Card
Has The Option To Add Remote Immobilisation
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Pay 0% Finance Over 4 Months
Best Seller

ScorpionTrack Driver S5-Plus

Category S5, Thatcham Approved
Lowest Priced Insurance & Thatcham Approved Category S5 Tracker
European Coverage Included As Standard
Journey History, Private Mileage, Tamper & Tow Away Alerts
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Pay 0% Finance Over 4 Months
Best Seller

ScorpionTrack Driver S7-ALS Tracker

Category S7, Thatcham Approved
Ultimate Accuracy to within 10 metres, European Coverage Included as standard
European Coverage Included as standard
Lowest priced Insurance & Thatcham Approved category S7 tracker
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Pay 0% Finance Over 4 Months
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Why do I need a vehicle tracker for my Range Rover?

Because Land Rovers and Range Rovers are so desirable, they’re often the target of vehicle theft across the United Kingdom. Range Rover trackers can help you protect your investment in this premium off-road vehicle. In fact, many insurers recommend that you have Range Rover trackers fitted. You can also get Range Rover trackers with ADR. This will alert you if the vehicle is moving while you’re not in control of it. It uses little tags you keep in your wallet or on a keychain to identify approved drivers. If the car is moved without the ID tag present, it triggers the alert system. And you can monitor the unapproved journey and provide this information to the police to aid in recovery.

Do Range Rovers have trackers?

Range Rover trackers are an optional extra from the factory – however, with any upgrade at the dealership, there’s often a hefty markup. We can help you save versus dealership costs with Range Rover trackers that are Thatcham and insurer approved. We carry category S5 trackers and S7 trackers all with free, Thatcham approved installation, nationwide. This includes the same brand that Range Rover factory models use which is Trackstar. over trackers?

Our Range Rover trackers start at £299 including VAT. They also come with free, Thatcham- approved fitting anywhere in the UK. Spend a bit more and get premium features like ADR, app-tracking and more. Range Rover trackers are a great investment due to the high value and popularity of these vehicles. Gain better peace of mind knowing your Range Rover tracker will alert you to theft and help you get your premium 4×4 off-road vehicle back from the criminals more quickly.