Plant & machinery tracking

Are you looking for plant and machinery equipment tracking on your site? Track, monitor and protect your plant equipment with Tracker Team’s specialist plant & machinery tracking devices.

Tracker Team asset tracking devices are the best on the market, designed specially for plant equipment and heavy machinery.  Our asset tracking solution is completely flexible and we have a solution for all budgets.

You have the choice of a self monitored system or fully Thatcham insurance approved 24/7 monitored device.

24/7 Equipment Monitoring

Our plant and machinery tracking devices actively protects your equipment from illegal movement using GPS geofence technology along with the latest technology movement detection hidden within the vehicle. Upon illegal movement detection, the dedicated monitoring team will discretely notify our 24/7 Theft Monitoring Centre centre of possible theft.

Immobilisation & Driver Recognition

Our asset tracking devices can also be supplied with Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tags. If the vehicle or machinery is moved without a tag detected, the unit sends an alert to the 24/7 Monitoring Centre who will contact your company instantly.