Vehicle Security Guide

When you purchase a vehicle, you will find yourself bogged down in tax and insurance applications as well as organising finance options too. However, as vehicle crimes continue to grow on a daily basis, it is also important to consider security guidance too. To help you avoid being the victim of a vehicle crime, take some time to check out our top tips for keeping your car safe!

Get to Grips with Your Security Features

All cars come with some level of security as standard, and your first step to keeping your car safe is to learn about what comes with yours. Talk to the person you are buying from, check with a car dealer or read the car manual to find out which features you have access to and how to use them.

Lock Up Every Time Your Car Gets Used

It may sound like an obvious piece of advice but remembering to always lock your car is an essential step you should take. It doesn’t matter where you stop or how safe you feel an area is; locking your car protects it from being stolen. Many victims state that they left it on the drive for a minute only to be the victim of car theft – lock up and avoid this fate.

Park in a Well-Lit Area

When it comes to parking your vehicle, you are always better off when you choose a car park that has CCTV, bright lighting and lots of other car users around. These areas tend to deter car thieves as the risk of getting caught is far greater than in more secluded places. If you do need to park somewhere that isn’t covered by CCTV, then think about additional security measures you can put in place, like a steering lock.

Take Valuables with You

If you have valuables in your car, then it is important to take them with you when the car is empty; this way, you are less likely to have your car broken into. However, if you are unable to take them with you, then take the time to hide them safely so that they are not on display. You can place them in the boot of the car if there is a boot cover or under car seats if they are small enough to fit.

Make Sure Your Alarm Works

If your vehicle comes with an alarm installed, then do not forget to test it on a regular basis. Doing this will reduce the risk of you being broken into, and it fails to sound. If your car does not have an alarm, then it is a good idea to install one retrospectively.

Take Time to Talk to Your Insurance Provider

Insurance companies are as keen as you are to avoid car thefts and crimes as this leads to claims. If you aren’t sure what the right cover is for your needs or you want to discuss any specific security requirements on your policy, then get in touch with them and ask for help. Doing this will not only get you accurate advice but will also help you to avoid compliance problems if you ever do need to claim.

Install Anti-Theft Features

With more cars stolen each day than ever before, it makes sense to protect your vehicle with anti-theft devices to ward off potential criminals. Some of the main devices on offer include steering locks, insurance approved vehicle trackers and dashcams that continue to record when you are away from the vehicle. Car trackers in particular are becoming increasingly popular. Insurance trackers are referred to as Category S7 trackers and Category S5 trackers – which one you choose will depend on the insurance classification of your vehicle. On Tracker Team the best selling trackers come from the biggest names in the industry including Scorpion trackers and SmartTrack:

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Keep Your Keys Secure

Many people mistakenly leave their keys in their ignition when they are completing a quick job or when they are trying to heat their engine up on a cold icy day. However, it is times like this that cause the most opportunistic car crimes and can leave you at fault with your insurer. When you arrive home, put your keys somewhere safe, away from doors and windows, so that you do not run the risk of becoming a smash and grab victim.

Mark Your Items

Our final tip is to mark your removable items with a UV pen or etch your VIN number into them so that they are useless to a thief. Doing this will ensure that if you are the victim of a crime, you will have a greater chance of recovering the items if the person responsible is found.