Jaguar Trackers

Jaguar Trackers

Check out our full range of Jaquar trackers. We carry Category S5 and S7 trackers from well-known brands like SmarTrack and Trackstar. As always, our Jaguar trackers are all awarded Thatcham Security Certificates, for your peace of mind. Determining which category of tracker you require is largely down to the value of your car and what added features you’d like. If your vehicle is worth more than £70k on private insurance or £50k as part of a fleet, you’ll need a Cat S7 tracker at a minimum. Discuss with your insurer to confirm any added features they require.

Once you’ve confirmed your feature list, reach out to our helpful team to confirm the Jaquar tracker you’re considering is fit for purpose. We’ve installed trackers in nearly every make of car across the UK and have thousands of hours of experience to draw from. Plus, all our trackers are priced including VAT and full fitting as standard so there are no nasty surprises.

Finally, all our trackers are built to last. We offer a minimum warranty of 3-years on all our Jaguar trackers and a bespoke 4-year plan on some models, exclusive to Tracker Team. If you’re looking to spread the payments out, our trackers come with finance options of 0% over four months, so we can get your vehicle protected now and paid for later.

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